Dezvoltare prin cercetare, educatie non-formala si schimb de cunostiinte 


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During 5th - 15th of September, 5 young people (Felix Dumea, Tania Blanka Matyasi, Victor Porancia,  Monica Buturoiu, Theodor Ungureanu) represented GEOECOPOL Association to a youth exchange project called "GREEN ConNEXTion" that took place in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium

Tania Blanka Matyasi: "This Youth Exchange has been a great opportunity to refresh myself. Talking about sustainability, about environmental problems and finding solutions to this with people from different cultural backgrounds was the perfect way to start the autumn. We rode our bikes for at least 40 km, we spent a day in the forest, we slept in tents, we connected with the nature, we had engaging workshops, we recycled as much as we could - in short, we lived sustainably for 10 days in Belgium, in order to start living sustainably at home, too. Here I made new friends, beautiful memories, I visited amazing places and I got acquainted with a better way of living.

Thank you, GEOECOPOL! I got home very energized and motivated to start new things!"

Monica Buturoiu: "GREEN ConNEXTion, implemented between 5th-15th of September 2015 in three locations in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent), is the first international project in which I am involved and I am happy to have been one of the participants. I find it very interesting and I really enjoyed all the activities that were done during the whole period. In a multicultural environment, we learned very useful facts about protecting, saving, cleaning the environment, in an attempt to become more aware of the importance of being sustainable. What I liked the most was the engaging approach about the topics related to sustainability, climate change and carbon footprint. More than this, during these amazing 10 days, I met new friendly people and established some nice relationships. We also had the opportunity to visit beautiful places in Brussels and ride bikes around the green side of Antwerp.

Theodor Ungureanu: "First of all, I want to say that being involved in this project was a real pleasure for me. On the one hand, a great thing was that everybody's level of English was good enough for him/her to communicate and share his/her thoughts and ideas. I want to tell you that i was in some projects where people couldn't have a simple conversation and there was a serious lack o communication. On the other hand, there were some who weren't too interested in  socializing with the others but only with their national group. I think that this is not a good thing, but there is nothing the organizers could do to stop this. The sessions were quite interesting and related to the topic. I never got bored and i really  liked the group tasks. 
About the Romanian group, i think we did a good job together and we got well with each other. There wasn't any problem, even though we all have  met in the airport for the first time, so we were complete strangers untill then. I believe that we we'll be in touch after this project also. All in all, it was a great experience and i can't wait until the next project. Thank you for making this possible!"


Raluca Buturoiu, represented GEOECOPOL and attended the training course "Conflict Management Tools for youth workers" which was held in Ommen, the Netherlands. She provided us with some feedback about her experience:

"I participated in the “Conflict management tools for youth workers” training course, organized by JUB in partnership with GEOECOPOL Association. The training course was developed between 27.08.2015 and 3.09.2015 in Ommen, the Netherlands and, for me, it was an amazing experience. The event involved 24 participants from 12 countries and its main aim was to present and initiate some numerous tools that can be used in dealing with conflicts. During the six days spent in Ommen, we moved forward from getting to know each other, to getting to understand each others' needs and trying to solve tasks as a group. 

The trainers used mainly “Betzavta” and “Forum Theater” as two methods to understand, react and reflect when dealing with conflicts. After this training course, I still have the feeling that it did not end or that, at least, there is an on-going reflection process that is taking place in my mind. Thus, probably the most important thing learned through this experience is that we should be aware of ourselves in the first place in order to avoid, deal with or de-escalate conflicts."


At the end of August 2015, GEOECOPOL Association sent 3 young people (Tünde Kolcza, Katalinagnes Ban, Stefan Siclovan and Flaviu Marinescu) to represent the association and attend a training course called "Empowering youngsters to have more influence on decision making processes" that took place in Ommen, the Netherlands. Here we have a feedback from one of the participant: Katalinagnes Ban:

"From 19th to 26th August 2015, me and 3 other youngsters from Romania took part in a mobility program in Ommen (the Netherlands) representing our sending organization, GEOECOPOL.

The project was entitled: ‘Empowering Youngsters to improve their Influence on Decision Making Processes’ and the participant countries were: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Macedonia, Armenia, Turkey, Croatia, Georgia and Romania.

It was my favorite project so far (out of three) because I learnt so many useful things about youth participation, involvement (and importance!) of young people in political decision making, youth advocacy, e-participation, debating, etc. and I met people from countries like never before, for e.g. Estonia and Lithuania.